Property Insurance

Home Insurance

Fadaie Insurance Services, Inc. understands the importance of having homeowners insurance – it will provide protection to both the inside and outside of your home from potential financial losses caused by storms, fire, theft, injury on property or even pet bites. With our policy you can rest assured that all of these scenarios are covered depending on the type of coverage purchased.

Your home is an investment that should be protected at all costs – with Fadaie Insurance Services, Inc., we make sure that’s done while providing superior customer service every step of the way! We understand how important it is to find reliable protection tailored specifically to each unique situation – let us help provide this peace-of-mind now.

Condo Insurance

At Fadaie Insurance Services Inc., we understand that owning a condo entails special needs. That’s why our specialized policy provides coverage for personal property, specified permanent attachments, bodily injury liability if someone is hurt on your property, liability for property damage and protection from dangers such as fire, plumbing freezes, vandalism and glass breakage.

Our Condo insurance policies feature very competitive rates and provide the best possible coverage tailor-made to meet specific needs like yours! Plus with our expansive experience in the field of insurance services we are here to help guide you every step of the way.

Renter’s Insurance

Fadaie Insurance Services, Inc. provides comprehensive renters insurance coverage throughout Temecula and Southern California. Our policy protects valuables from theft or damage as outlined in the policy as well as bodily injury and property damage liability claims up to specified limits. We also offer medical payments coverage as an optional addition so visitors injured at your residence can be covered regardless of fault.

Best of all, our renters insurance typically costs less than $1 per day depending on the amount of coverage requested – a small price to pay for peace of mind! Not only that, but landlords often require renters insurance to limit their own liability exposure should a renter’s dog bite someone on their property – so get protected today with Fadaie Insurance Services!

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Fadaie Insurance Services, Inc. offers personal umbrella policies that provide an extra layer of protection from the risk of being sued and can help protect your current assets as well as your future earnings. With a personal umbrella policy, you’ll be covered if your auto, home or other personal lines insurance is exhausted due to a lawsuit.

You want peace of mind knowing that no matter what comes up in life, you won’t be left with legal bills or payouts beyond what your existing policies cover. A personal umbrella policy from Fadaie Insurance Services will keep you safe so there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes happen when least expected and can cause extensive damages. While your traditional home insurance will cover most disasters, it may not cover all damage associated with earthquakes. That’s why having a separate endorsement is so important – Fadaie Insurance Services Inc can help you get the right coverage at the best price with tailored deductibles depending on where you live.

With a quality Earthquake Protection policy from Fadaie Insurance Services, Inc., you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that anything unexpected caused by an earthquake won’t be financially devastating to your family or business. We guarantee to provide coverage options which offer the value, security and flexibility our clients need in order to make sure they are covered against any eventuality related to earthquakes over time.

Landlord Protection Insurance

Fadaie Insurance Services Inc. has solutions specially designed for rental property owners looking for protection from tenant-related liabilities! We understand the risks that landlords face and can provide expert consultation to help find the right policy for your individual needs. Our landlord insurance policies are customized to fit your situation, and may include coverage such as libel & slander, wrongful conviction, unlawful entry, personal injury claims and more.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your rental property is protected against potential financial losses due to tenants – no matter whether it’s a short-term vacation rental or long term lease agreement. With our affordable options, you don’t have to break the bank with premiums in order to stay safe!

Manufactured Home Insurance

Look no further than Fadaie Insurance Services, Inc for reliable coverage for your manufactured home. We offer comprehensive coverage for your manufactured home needs, including fire, wind and theft protection plus additional add-on options like flood insurance and earthquake insurance. Our policies also cover attached and detached structures on the premises so that you can have peace of mind that everything is covered.

With our extensive knowledge in this space, we have a deep understanding of different safety devices installed in mobile homes as well as new manufactured home discounts to bring down rates even lower than usual. In addition to that, we also provide trip coverage when moving the home from one location to another. And all of these are available at very competitive prices!

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