Meet the "Family"

Kash Fadaie


Khashayar (Kash) Fadaie is the founder and President of Fadaie Insurance Svcs. Inc. He was originally born in Iran but immigrated to Germany and then to the USA in 1984.

He has owned, operated and/or managed more than a handful of companies since his teenage years.

His entrepreneurship experience finally culminated in an embarkment into the insurance industry in 2005 when he opened Brooke Insurance, a franchise insurance office on Ynez Road.

Jamiee Fadaie


My father was an Insurance Agent for over 30 years and my mother a claims adjuster for several, so I grew up in the insurance industry.

My first job at the age of 14 was a file clerk for my dad’s partner. I spent over ten years in various industries learning the art of customer service.

It was when I met my husband, that I knew I wanted to help him build a fantastic business.

Jim McCullion

Business Insurance Strategist

Jim McCullion was born and raised in Southern California.

He is a family man, married with two young boys which serve as his inspiration to continue to succeed.

He graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in Communications/Advertising.

Jim has been in the industry over 10 years specializing in Commercial Insurance.

John Mehr

Insurance Agent

John Mehr is more than just an insurance agent; he’s a trusted advisor with years of experience under his belt. His deep understanding of the insurance sector and commitment to clients have made him a cornerstone of Fadaie Insurance. John’s approach is rooted in thoroughness, ensuring each client’s individual needs are met with tailored solutions.

Outside of crafting insurance plans, John enjoys going on walks. His seasoned insights combined with a genuine dedication to client welfare make John an invaluable asset to our team and a reliable guide for our clients.

Trust in John’s expertise for a seamless and informed insurance journey.

Steven Goldberg

LUTCF, Life & Annuity Specialist

Steven has been if the Financial Services industry for 30 years specializing in Life Insurance, Asset accumulation and Asset Protection.

Steven attended California State University Northridge California obtaining a degree in Business Administration.

Steven attended Phillips Graduate Institute graduated with a degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy.

Mazi Khosravi

Commercial Lines Strategist

Mazi Khosravi was born and raised in Iran. He immigrated to the USA in 2008 and settled in sunny Southern California with his entire family ever since.

He is married with a loving fury baby, Coco. Mazi is a family man and is a proud pet parent. He graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Mazi has been in the insurance for over 7 years. He is licensed in all 50 states and specializes in commercial and pet insurance.

Sue Ryan

Personal Lines Strategist

Sue Ryan has been in the insurance industry for 33 years. She got her start as a file clerk at Mercury Insurance and then was promoted to an underwriter in the Personal Lines Auto department. She wanted to expand her knowledge so she switched to the agency side of the industry and has been here ever since. Being able to help people not only save money but further understand insurance is why she loves her job. She has been married for 27 years to her best friend and has two amazing kids. She has a daughter and a son who are serving our country in the United States Navy. She loves spending time with family, relaxing with friends and taking her dogs on long walks.

Stephen Page

LUTCF, Life & Annuity Specialist

Steve was born and raised at the beach in Southern California. He began his career in the natural and alternative medicine space and for 19 years he was one of the most sought-after health experts on the planet.

His research brought him to the realization that ultimately it is the peace that financial security provides, along with a healthy lifestyle, that truly creates the greatest health and happiness. And what creates financial security more than insurance?

Steve loves to surf, absolutely refuses to wear shoes, and when not wrestling with his two boys, he’s sure to be cooking up a gourmet meal for his favorite person on earth – his wife.

Kranthi Sapineti

Technology & Customer Service Assistant

Working with Fadaie Insurance has fostered my skills and gave me the opportunity to shine my light not only to my team, but to the broader consumer public.

Now, I am serving and giving my best to the most valued clients, as well as to the people in my society.

Success truly begins from our inner being and then engulfs our outer life.

My hobbies include driving solo on long motorcycle expeditions, crushing it a ping-pong and reading novels.

I also love cooking traditional Indian food for my family. Let me know when to expect you for dinner

Elchin Fatemi

Sales Manager

With a dynamic approach to sales and a keen understanding of the insurance landscape, Elchin Fatemi stands at the forefront of Fadaie Insurance’s sales initiatives. Her leadership and expertise drive our team to consistently exceed expectations, ensuring our clients receive top-tier service.

Outside the office, Elchin is passionate about family. Her blend of professionalism and personability makes her both a leader in the field and a trusted partner for our clientele.


Join us in valuing Elchin’s contributions as she continues to elevate the Fadaie Insurance experience.

Meena Chalapathi

Customer Service Assistant & Marketing Manager

Meena prides herself as world class customer service and marketing manager at Fadaie Insurance Services. Graduate BS Computer Science from Yogi Vemena University in Kadapa. Meena brings her expertise and winning attitude to our clients and renders her innovative skills to express Fadaie’s message to the world.

Jack Shorthose

Marketing Assistant

Joining us at Fadaie Insurance, Jack Shorthose is the newest face in our dedicated team. Jack’s enthusiasm for safeguarding clients’ futures is unmatched. He focuses on creating strong relationships, ensuring clients feel confident in their insurance protections.


Beyond work, Jack enjoys Compositional Music and is a talented pianist. His energy and commitment make him not just a promising agent but also a reliable advisor.

Clarie Neri

Customer Service Agent

Claire Neri is our dynamic customer service representative who brings a fresh perspective to our team. Claire’s dedication to delivering exceptional service is evident in every interaction. She excels in building meaningful connections with clients, helping them navigate their insurance needs with ease and confidence.

Claire’s passion doesn’t just stop at customer service; she is also an avid adventure enthusiast. When she’s not at her desk, you can find her exploring hiking trails or mastering her skills in landscape photography. Her adventurous spirit and zest for life enrich our team, making Claire not only an outstanding representative but also an inspiring colleague.

Bob Mehr

Marketing Agent

Bob Mehr is the creative force behind Fadaie Insurance’s innovative marketing campaigns. With an eye for detail and a flair for reaching audiences, Bob seamlessly bridges the gap between insurance solutions and the people who need them. His commitment to effective communication and brand growth ensures that Fadaie Insurance remains at the forefront of the industry.

When not crafting compelling narratives for the company, Bob delves into history. His blend of analytical thinking and creativity has positioned Fadaie Insurance as a recognizable and trusted name in the market.

Engage with Bob and experience the difference of expertly-curated marketing endeavors.